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Rule #1: All sailings listed MUST provide the client more than what is being offered by the cruise line — a theme or activities, a group rate, additional perks or amenities, etc. This site is not for general advertising of the latest offers from the cruise line available through any agency. And we do check. We will need basic information about the cruise — ship, destination, departure port, sailing date, etc. If all of that information can be found on your web page you’re good to go. No pricing is allowed. Fares just change too frequently so keep the fares on your web page we’ll link to. But let us know if there is a date you’d like the sailing removed. Otherwise, they will usually be removed 60 days prior to the sail date. Also, let us know if you have a CLIA certification such as ACC, MCC, or ECC as we like to feature that on the listing if possible. Click here for an example. 

Rule #2: We will only accept submissions from US and Canada-based agents/agencies. And we prefer to not accept submissions from agents who also participate in an MLM (multi-level-marketing) arrangement. Or if you make money recruiting people, it is probably not something we want to get associated with or expose our site visitors to.We’re pretty strict on this and our decision is final and can not be appealed. Sorry.

We will need your email address. Once the listing has been made we will email to you a link to the listing so you can check it for any errors or anything that needs to be changed or added. Here’s a link to one of our listings so you can see what we need:  Example Listing.  We would like:

  • Name of Cruise Line
  • Name of Ship
  • Sail Date
  • Number of Nights
  • Itinerary -- Just a general description is fine. No need to list every port of call.
  • Departure Port and Return Port
  • Link to Web Page
  • Email Address (Required)
  • Phone (Optional)
  • That which you can provide over and above booking directly with the cruise line -- Group Rates, Theme, Shipboard Credits, etc. On the sample listing you can see we have room for you to add additional information that might be of interest to potential clients. Just remember that this space is not unlimited

      • Submit the form
      • Cost is $10 per listing for as long as you wish to have the listing active. If you have a promo code for a reduced cost or free listing be sure to enter that information in the form
      • We will create the listing from the information you provide
      • We will email to you a link to the listing
      • When you receive the link, please check it over and let us know of any changes or corrections that need to be made
      • We will send to you an invoice for payment. If we do not hear from you in 7 days the listing will be deleted and there will be no charge. No payment is due until you are satisfied.